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Modeler Video Library

QueBIT’s Modeler Video Library is our introduction to data mining and Modeler course, and it introduces students to data mining and to the functionality available within IBM SPSS Modeler. This self-paced library consists of a series of stand-alone videos, each designed to introduce students to specific nodes or data mining topics.  Each video consists of detailed instructions explaining why we are using a technique, in what situations it is used, how to set it up, and how to interpret the results. Although users of the library get complete access to all the videos, there is a suggested three-day lesson plan leading to a certificate. Access to the video library can be purchased for a month, or for an entire year at a cost effective annual rate.

 Advanced Modeler Seminar Series using IBM SPSS Modeler

The Advanced Modeler Seminar Series using IBM SPSS Modeler is a collection of seminars that allow students to explore different topics within data mining and IBM SPSS Modeler. Topics are covered over the web in a three-hour, instructor led seminar in which students will gain an understanding of the situations in which one would use a technique, its assumptions, how to setup the analysis, as well as how to interpret the results.  In addition, there will be a one hour question and answer follow-up session to address any additional student questions or concerns. 

Examples of past and future seminar topics include:

  • IBMʼs Model Deployment Options
  • Entity Analytics
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Data Reduction Techniques
  • The Role of Statistics in Data Mining
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Seminars are held monthly, and led by our experts. The seminars are live, however they will be recorded.  These recordings will be made available to students for 90 days following the seminar to allow for additional practice. Seminars may be purchased individually or you can purchase an annual subscription for a substantial discount.  The twelve month subscription also has the additional benefits of having unlimited access to the recorded video content, as well as a forum just for subscribers.
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